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Holy Week: Faith is Something we DO

Too often, Christianity is thought of as something we believe in , and Christian faith as something we think . Holy Week, which begins this Sunday, Palm Sunday, is a helpful corrective. Each year, Holy Week reminds us that Christianity is something we participate in , and Christian faith is something we do . Just look at the action verbs: On Palm Sunday) we  commemorate Jesus' Passion (his suffering, or enduring) -- the short final period of Jesus' life beginning with his triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, moving through to his crucifixion. We commemorate the fact that adoring crowds shouting "hosanna!" can turn -- in a week's time -- to murderous mobs shouting "crucify him!" demanding the death penalty. Then, On Maundy (commandment) Thursday) , we  obey Jesus' commandment to serve  other people and to eat a meal in remembrance of the Last Supper. For most years in my ordained ministry, I took part in ceremonial, liturgical foot