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You're Grateful. So What?

In Sunday's Gospel , we hear the story of ten lepers begging Jesus to be cured of their disease. Jesus cures all ten of them. All ten lepers, were, at that point in the story, probably filled with an enormous sense of gratitude. How could they not be? - their lives had just been radically changed. But ONE of them, "seeing that he was cured," turned back, came back. Ten were grateful; only one translated that "feeling of gratitude" into an "action of generosity." Ten were grateful for what God had done for them. One gave thanks. I am grateful for my wife Mary. I am grateful for employees' and vestry members' and other's creativity, initiative, hard work, team spirit and drive. Unfortunately, that feeling of gratitude is only a emotion...a sentiment. My spouse or those I work with may -- OR MAY NOT -- be aware of my gratitude - how could they be? How can others be aware of my gratitude unless I take a lesson fro