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Why worship? Why pray?

What is the purpose of worship? What is the purpose of praying? But wait: let's back up a bit...perhaps you don't grant the premise behind those two questions, namely, that worship and prayer HAVE a purpose. If your objection is a religious one, perhaps it's that you think that there doesn't need to be a "purpose" for worshipping or praying -- that they are "ends" in themselves, good and worthwhile activities per se, and are not a means to some other good or end. If your objection is a non-religious one, perhaps it's that you don't think worship or prayer HAVE a purpose at all! -- that they are (at worst) a waste of time and effort or (at best) a "crutch." The way I'd address the first objection is by saying "well, that's not what the Bible seems to be saying about worship and prayer." Rather, scripture seems to consistently teach that we come into God's presence for a purpose: to be changed. We worsh