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Two of the (healthy) Ways I have Learned to deal with Worry and Fear

(Originally published November 4, 2016 under the title "Today: How I Deal With Worry and Fear" -- slightly modified here to indicate it is now four years later. I encourage you to follow the hyperlinks, especially those regarding prayer).  Some people believe that clergy and other people who "have a lot of faith" are somehow immune from worry and fear. It's not true. In fact, because deeply spiritual people, along with writers and other artists, also tend to be deeply intuitive people who absorb the even unspoken emotional sensitivities of others, I'll bet they're subject to even more worry and fear than others. The difference is in how they deal with worry and fear. At any rate, for what it's worth, here are two of the (healthy) ways I have learned to deal with my own worry and fear: First, I remind myself of the wisdom offered by Stephen Covey. "We each have a wide range of concerns," Covey writes , "and inside this "