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I Believe Donald Trump

I realize a blog post -- especially at this late hour the night before -- isn’t going to change anyone’s mind about who to vote for in tomorrow’s presidential election. And so let me make it clear that I’m not writing this in order to try to convince anyone to change their minds (although I’d welcome it if it does). I’m writing this post for one reason: I feel like I have to, to clear my own conscience. I’ve tried – right up to tonight – to resist taking a public stance or go “on the record,” and instead take the easier, more tempting route to speak only after the fact or in hindsight. (Let me also make something else very clear: I’m writing this on Unapologetic Theology, my own blog, and – as I’ve always made clear – this is my own personal blog  and the views I express here are my own. The viewpoints expressed her are not necessarily those (and are quite often  not  those!) of the particular parish I serve, nor do they represent the viewpoint of the diocese, denomina

You All Saints People

Sermon for All Saints Sunday (November 6, 2016) The Rev. John Ohmer, Rector The Falls Church Episcopal While every Sunday is special, this Sunday is extra special, because we have today the convergence of not two, not three, but four important things going on in our common life as a faith community: In order of importance (even if not in order of how much time we spend thinking about them!), those four things are: ·       One, All Saints Sunday and a special combined service, ·       Two, a baptism Sunday, ·       Three, the conclusion of our Annual Giving Campaign with our Celebration of Giving potluck following the service, and ·       Four, because Tuesday concludes another campaign that you may have heard of or be just the tiniest bit concerned about, we are including a special post communion hymn [i] and a special post communion prayer [ii] for our nation. Now what, do you think, those four things might have in common? It’s a question we