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What do we have in common?

Sermon preached November 13, 2016 (26th Sunday after Pentecost) The Rev. John Ohmer, Rector The Falls Church Episcopal Earlier this week, Bishop Goff sent a series of reflections to the clergy of the diocese titled “How do we preach this Sunday, November 13, 2016, the first Sunday after the 2016 Presidential Election ?" It’s a good question, and she offered good guidance, some things for all of us to remember, things like Some are rejoicing over the result of the election, others are in mourning, and still others are simply confused. Every congregation will include people who voted for Trump side by side with people who voted for Clinton side by side with people who voted for a third party candidate and those who did not vote at all.  Remember that the readings appointed for Sunday come up every three years.  They were not selected as a response to the context in which we find ourselves.  It may help our congregations to know that the preacher did not choose the readin