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Separated, but not Divorced: What is the Church's Role in Politics?

Back in 2004, I wrote a spiritual advice newspaper column titled "Faithfully Yours" that ran for a while in the  Loudoun Times Mirror  and T he Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star. One of the first questions I received - again, this was more than 12 years ago - was about the church's role in politics. Here was the question: "In some churches, political views are strongly expressed by the church leadership, and church members are encouraged to vote for specific candidates or instructed on how to vote on certain social/political issues.  In other churches, this is not done, and the church leadership encourages people to prayerfully develop their own views. What is the church's role when it comes to politics and the pulpit?" Here, in italics, was my answer in 2004 - and, not changing a word of it - is also my answer today:   There are two opposite and equal dangers churches can fall into regarding faith and politics. The first danger is to say that the