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Showing posts from January 5, 2017

New Year's Resolutions, Reading...and a Church's Vision

Each new year, I'm good at making, and getting a start on New Year's Resolutions. (I'm less good at, you know, actually keeping them...but that's another story.)   Last year, one of my resolutions was to read more. Since most of what I read is non-fiction -- in fact, one time when Elizabeth was little, she looked at my bookshelves and said, "it seems all you have are God books" - I decided to read more fiction in 2016.   So about this time last year, I made a list of some modern-but-classic (prize-winning) books of fiction that somehow I'd missed reading over the years, and bought them: Anne Tyler's  Breathing Lessons , Walker Percy's  The Moviegoer , Wallace Stegner's  Angle of Repose  (and later, on someone's recommendation, Hilary Mantel's  Wolf Hall) .   The bad news is, I haven't gotten more than 30 pages into any one of those.   The good news is, I didn't borrow those books -- I  bought  them. They're