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Regarding Refugees

Although it's been barely a week since the inauguration, this administration's actions are causing many of us to become more actively engaged.  I may strongly disagree with the new administration on a wide host of issues, but on most of of them, I try very hard to give others the benefit of the doubt, and I try to maintain a posture that "people of good faith can agree t o disagree."  However, the Judeo-Christian mandate (Exodus 23:9, Matthew 25) to welcome refugees is, for me -- pastorally, personally and professionally -- a central (not peripheral) matter; a place to take a very firm stance.  Caring for the widow, the orphan, and the immigrant/refugee/stranger in our midst is not only the American and patriotic thing to do, it is the Judeo-Christian thing to do -- and anyone who says otherwise does not just have a different point of view: they are wrong. This is not a new stance for me: as I said in a sermon in September of 2105 (read that here if you want)