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To fast from serious vices, feast on their opposite virtues...with God's help.

Here we are, just a little more than halfway through the season of Lent. A good time to check in on what difference our Lenten resolutions are making to others in our everyday life. Some time ago, I realized that "giving up" the customary habits ( petty vices) for Lent -- things like sweets, alcohol, and time-wasters like spending too much time on mindless entertainment -- didn't really make much of a positive difference in my daily life to others if I was not also at the same time "taking on" positive habits. So the past couple Lents, I've tried "giving up" non-customary habits in order to uproot (or at least address) their underlying serious vices.* I've tried "giving up" or fasting from things like snarkiness (cynicism),  procrastination (perfectionism),  interrupting people (impatience or arrogance) and  ingratitude (inattention or entitlement). Because the best way to fast from a vice is to feast on its oppo