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Showing posts from February 15, 2018

If there's a will, there's a way.

For Lent, I was thinking of doing the typical fasts: fast from Facebook and take up reading, fast from petty vices like overindulging in sweets and alcohol and take on moderation, yada yada yada. But I'm re-thinking that this year. What I'm fasting from this Lent is discouragement.  That means cutting back on what is so often the source of discouragement, which is a tendency to gorge on, or dwell on, bad news. (Let me be clear: that does not mean giving up news or otherwise burying my head in the sand: it means staying informed while finding ways not to get pulled into a downward spiral of feelings of numbness and helplessness; it means giving up unproductive  feelings  like hopelessness and resignation and taking on visible  behaviors  like giving encouragement and taking action.) It means making visible -- here, on my blog, and even on Facebook -- the good. Because the problem is -- to paraphrase the community organizer  Rich Harwood  --