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You Can Do Anything. But You Cannot Do Everything

I want to pursue an idea here which I floated to my congregation , because I think it's amazingly good news. And that has to do with taking seriously Paul's language (in 1 Corinthians 12 ) that each of us is a particular PART OF -- but none of us IS -- the Body of Christ.There's a line from the book Essentialism that captures this pretty well: "I can do anything, but I cannot do everything." I love that line. I love it so much I'm trying to make it a bit of a mantra. Not only for myself, but as a reminder about others, and the church. Part of the reason I love it is that it contains both confidence AND humility in equal measure. "I can do anything" (confidence). "But I cannot do everything" (humility). It's true, of course, for each of us: "You can do anything." Good parents tell their children this: "you can do anything you set your mind to: want to be an athlete? A clarinetist? An accountant, social worker, teacher, do