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"Put out into the deep water--that's where the fish are."

At the beginning of   the Gospel story we hear this Sunday , fishermen -- ordinary working folk who would, by the story's end, become some of Jesus' closest followers -- are washing their nets.  They've fished all night long, but have caught nothing. These are not recreational fishermen; fishing is their livelihood. And so it's a bad situation. Jesus gets into one of their boats and teaches. After he's done teaching, he tells the fishermen, "put out into the deep water, and let your nets down for a catch." I'm not sure what strikes Rev. Kelly about this passage and where it'll take her in her sermon on Sunday, but the the part of the story that jumps out at me is Jesus' instructions to his followers (after he has taught them!) to "put out into the   deep   water." God instructs us to venture out into the deep waters when we, like the fishermen, have been working hard but have nothing to show for it. When we wonder if,