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Opening Up our Shutting Down -- Part One

A large and growing number of people are concerned about the government shutdown, which tomorrow (January 12, 2019) looks like it'll break the record for longest-ever in contemporary times.  Just in the last two days, I've heard from several different people, sharing thoughts such as these:  “I’m upset, and even starting to feel hopeless about our government. People are suffering needlessly, and I started to pray about the whole situation, but I have no idea where to look in scripture, or what to say.” “I’m out of a job at the moment and it had been slow over the holidays. I find I’m withdrawing a bit.” “I can’t do anything about this crazy government. Just need to tune out and withdraw.” Those are important thoughts and feelings, and ones which need addressing from a theological/spiritual context. And they are thoughts and feelings that need addressing in substance. So I thought I'd write a longer article on it over several weeks, breaking it up into sho