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Opening Up our "Shutting Down," Part Two -- A Crisis of Leadership, and God's Judgment on Nations

I'm continuing here thoughts I started last week on the now-record-longest government shutdown. Let me begin by stating the obvious: unfortunately, because the problems underneath the current government shutdown have long and deep roots, those problems are not going away any time soon. Like you, I hope and pray the government fully re-opens tomorrow. But even if it does, and even if --  as I wish could be the case -- everyone who, through no fault of their own, is being harmed financially by the shutdown were somehow made whole, we would still have a major problem on our hands. That's because the government shutdown, bad as it is, is only one symptom of a larger crisis. I believe the word "crisis" is correct. We are facing a crisis. But the crisis we're facing is not the huddled masses yearning to breathe free who are making their ways to our borders and shores. It is a crisis of leadership on Capitol Hill and in the White House. As I argued las